Affiliation Program

Updated Thursday June 1, 2017 by Kanata Baseball Association.

Affiliate Program Policy

The purpose of Affiliation is to offer additional developmental opportunities to players and also to ensure teams avoid the possibility of forfeit games.  The rules that govern the Affiliation program are as follows:


  1. AP Program participation is optional for all teams and players.  There is no obligation to affiliate a player or for a player to be affiliated.

  2. The Registrar provides oversight of all player affiliations and must be approved by the Executive.

  3. A player may only be affiliated to one (1) team.

  4. A team may affiliate up to four (4) players.

  5. The coach wishing to use a player as an affiliate must notify their regular roster team coach prior to asking the player.  This is to ensure the most suitable candidates for affiliation are identified.

  6. An AP player may be invited to practices with the affiliated team providing there is no conflict with their regular roster team.

  7. An AP player may play up to five (5) regular season league games (tournaments excluded) for their affiliated team.   If this is exceeded, the affiliated team coach may be suspended.

  8. An AP player may NOT pitch for the affiliated team during regular season games (tournaments excluded).  This is to ensure the player is not at risk of overuse.  

  9. AP players may be used in a League game only if ten (10) or fewer rostered players are expected to attend.

  10. The affiliate coach must mark any affiliated player used in a regular season game as AP on the official score sheet and game day lineup.

  11. The coach of the affiliate team MUST inform the players regular roster coach each time the player is to be used as an affiliate.  This is to ensure that any injuries or other considerations are known.


The player’s first responsibility is always to their regular roster team.


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