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Updated Monday February 26, 2018 by Kanata Baseball Association.

Registration is open NOW for ALL indoor Programs!


We expect programs to fill up fast so register early to have the most selection of available timslots and program offerings.




Hitting Development


Third consecutive year of the hitting program and this year will be held in the KBA Cubhouse.  Intensive hitting instruction, practice, and training for players of any ability level. For players aged 8 and up in aged-based groups.  Participants can choose to bring their own bats or use the Cubhouse bats. Sessions run for 6 weeks. $150


Instructors are Greg MacDonald, Jesse Gratton, and Roch Seguin.

Hitting Duration Date Age SessionID
H1 Jan 10-Feb 14 Wed 6pm 10-12y 3055
H2 Jan 10-Feb 14 Wed 7pm 12-14y 3056
H3 Jan 10-Feb 14 Wed 8pm 13-18y 3057
H4 Jan 13-Feb 17 Sat 12pm 7-9y 3058
H5 Jan 13-Feb 17 Sat 1pm 9-11y 3059
H6 Jan 13-Feb 17 Sat 2pm 11-14y 3060
H7 Feb 21-Mar 28 Wed 6pm 10-12y 3061
H8 Feb 21-Mar 28 Wed 7pm 12-14y 3062
H9 Feb 21-Mar 28 Wed 8pm 14-18y 3063
H10* Feb 24-Mar 31 Sat 12pm 9 & under 3064
H11* Feb 24-Mar 31 Sat 1pm 10 & older 3065


* H12 (#3066) was folded into the H10 and H11 which caused some players to change times.


Velo Throwing and Arm Care


Driveline inspired, locally delivered.  For experienced players that wish to take their arm strength and resilience to the next level.  This is premier program that uses follows specific warmup, training and recovery protocols with plyocare balls, resistance bands, and overload/underload weighted balls.  For players born 2006 and later.  Program runs for 12 weeks, two 2 hour sessions per week in the Cubhouse. $350


Head instructor is Tyler Roth along with athletic trainers and assistant coaches.


Velo Duration Date Age SessionID
V1 Jan 9-Mar 30 Tue & Fri 7-9p 12-21y 3067



Pitching Development


All players in youth baseball should be given the opportunity to pitch.  We all recognize, however, that pitching is hard and if a player isn’t effective on the mound, then the overall pace of the game suffers.  Players will greatly benefit from learning some pitching technique before the spring season arrives.  Ages 9 and up held in the Cubhouse. $150

Head Instructor is Ryan Hobbins with Troy Forgie.

Pitching Duration Date Age SessionID
P1 Jan 8-Feb 12 Mon 6p 9-10y 3068
P2 Jan 8-Feb 12 Mon 7p 11-12y 3069
P3 Jan 11-Feb 15 Thu 6p 9-12y 3070
P4 Jan 11-Feb 15 Thu 7p 13-18y 3071
P5 Feb 19-Mar 26 Mon 6p 9-10y 3072
P6 Feb 19-Mar 26 Mon 7p 11-12y 3073
P7 Feb 22-Mar 29 Thu 6p 9-12y 3074
P8 Feb 22-Mar 29 Thu 7p 13-18y 3075



Catching Development


Help your team have more success with skills behind the plate with this focused Catching program.  The catcher  position requires dedicated training for this highly specialized role.  One hour of catching training from a one of the most experienced catching coach in the city.  All sessions held in the Cubhouse. $150


Instructor is Roch Seguin.


Catching Duration Date Age SessionID
C3 Jan 13-Feb 17 Sat 11a 10-14y 3078
C4 Feb 24-Mar 31 Sat 9a 8-10y 3079
C5 Feb 24-Mar 31 Sat 10a 11-12y 3080
C6 Feb 24-Mar 31 Sat 11a 13-18y 3081



Girls Baseball


Play your own way.  Develop your skills with other girls and grow the game. All ages welcome in 3 separate age groups.  The program consists of 4 sessions, every other Saturday in Feb and March. Specifically the program runs on the following dates: Feb 10th, Feb 24th, Mar 10th, Mar 24th.


Enthusiastic girls can sign up for other types of skills specific training programs, but this one is a chance to be around other girls only and is an extension of the extremely successful Girls Clinic we held in October.  All sessions held in the Cubhouse. $60


Instructors are Hannah Martensen and Jenna Flanagan.

Girls Duration Date Age SessionID
G1 Feb 10-Mar 24 Sat 3p 7-12y 3082



Winter Skills


This is our general baseball skills program.  Players will focus on the fundamentals of the sport including throwing, catching, fielding and hitting.  These sessions are available for players of all ability levels.  This is a great way to get a head start on the baseball season so your player is ready to hit the field when the sun comes out.  The older ages (W1, W2) are held at the Sensplex on Fridays $125. Younger players (W3) are at the Cubhouse on Sundays $70.


Head Instructors are W1: Mark Bradley, W2: James Moser, W3:Jeff Dever

Winter Skills Duration Date Age SessionID
W1 Jan 19-Mar 30 Fri 6:30p 11-13y 3092
W2 Jan 19-Mar 30 Fri 5:00p 8-10y 3050
W3 *** Jan 28-Mar 25 Sun 1p 4-7y 3085

*** NOTE: W3 moved to the Kanata Cubhouse at 1pm ****

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"How do I get to the registration page"
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"9 Yr old girls are in the Second session (typo fixed, thanks!)"
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Mike Derouin commented on March 5, 8:05pm
"Will there be any additional pitching sessions for 11-12 year olds added this year? "
Jeff Dever commented on March 6, 3:05pm
"We are at capacity for all programs now which run through the end of March. After Easter the focus will be on the Little League, Senior League, Rookie and Rally Cap evaluations which will lead into some Spring Training sessions for those teams. The OBA teams continue their indoor practice schedule through to the end of April. "
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