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More information regarding Rep Team Tryouts, Dates, Times, Locations, & Team Expectations

Updated Saturday January 27, 2018 by Russell Mullins.


As we approach the new year Kanata Rep team tryouts are right around the corner for 2018 teams. Below you will find information regarding each division, tryout times, and locations. (Some teams are still being confirmed and will be updated shortly)


Warm Up Weekend; The first weekend (Jan6/7) will be considered a warm-up weekend for all players. This weekend is designed to have all players run through the drills which they will be evaluated on and have the rust knocked off after a few months off.

Evaluations; Three weekends have been scheduled for evaluations. (Jan 13/14, Jan 20/21, Jan 27/28). Players MUST attend a minimum of 1 session to be evaluated but are highly encouraged to attend ALL sessions.

All coaches will be running the tryouts and drills at their given division/age level with the assistance of other assistant coaches and/or requested parent volunteers.
In divisions where we are likely to have multiple teams at one age group the Head Coaches for each team will be confirmed after tryouts have been completed.

If you have interest in being a Head Coach please indicate your interest to

Team Expectations; As a reminder for the commitment levels for rep teams. Each team will be expected to involve some (or all) of the following; (Will be officially determined for each team by Team Managers & Coaches)

     1. Tournaments; participating in 4-5 tournaments - likely 2-3 local and 2-3 travelling tournaments
     2. Provincials; each team will look to qualify for provincials at their age level. Likely end Aug/Beg Sept
     3. Games/Practices; each team will be on the field 3-5 times per week and will be a mix of practices and games.

Registration; If you have no registered please click on the following link to ensure you have registered for the tryouts; (Click on the Icon below the menu that indicates "Training Program - Click here to register")

Equipment Required for Tryouts: All players are required to bring their regular equipment (Gloves, Helmets, Bats (optional). Must be wearing a jock. Running shoes are required (Not boots and not cleats or the player will tryout in socks. All players need to bring Water. Please leave balls at home the league will be providing balls dedicated to the facility.

Location; Kanata Cubhouse, 302 Legget Dr Unit #102

Age Group/Division Tryout Information Listed Below; 

Coaches = Dave Wilson & Steve Welch
Drop in Dates/Times: 

  • Jan 7 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 14 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 21 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 28 @ 5pm-7pm

2002 - 16U Minor Midget
Coach = Jesse Gratton
Tryout Dates/Times:

  • Jan 7 @ 7pm-9pm
  • Jan 14 @ 7pm-9pm
  • Jan 21 @ 7pm-9pm
  • Jan 28 @ 7pm-9pm

2003 - 15U Bantam Rep
Coach = Greg MacDonald
Tryout Dates/Times:

  • Jan 6 @ 7pm-9pm
  • Jan 13 @ 7pm-9pm
  • Jan 20 @ 7pm-9pm
  • Jan 27 @ 7pm-9pm (Cancelled)

2004 - 14U Minor Bantam
Coach(es) = TBD - will be confirmed after tryouts
Tryout Dates/Times:

  • Jan 7 @ 9am-11am
  • Jan 14 @ 9am-11am
  • Jan 16 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 21 @ 9am-11am
  • Jan 28 @ 9am-11am
  • Jan 30 @ 5pm-7pm

2005 - 13U PeeWee Rep
Coach = Chris Stacey
Tryout Dates/times:

  • Jan 6 @ 3pm-5pm
  • Jan 12 @ 5pm-6:45pm
  • Jan 21 @ 3pm-5pm
  • Jan 27 @ 3pm-5pm

2006 - 12U Minor PeeWee
Coach(es) = TBD - will be confirmed after tryouts
Tryout Dates/Times

  • Jan 7 @ 11am-1pm
  • Jan 14 @ 11am-1pm
  • Jan 21 @ 11am-1pm
  • Jan 28 @ 11am-1pm

2007 - 11U Mosquito Rep
Coach = Ryan Hobbins
Tryout Dates/Times:

  • Jan 6 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 13 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 18 @ 5pm-6pm
  • Jan 20 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 25 @ 5pm-6pm
  • Jan 27 @ 5pm-7pm

2008 - 10U Minor Mosquito
Coaches = Trevor Wood & TJ Carlson
Tryout Dates/Times (Tentative):

  • Jan 17 @ 5pm-6pm
  • Jan 26 @ 5pm-7pm
  • Jan 28 @ 3pm-5pm


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Mark McConnell commented on January 3, 9:43pm
"Why is there a tryout fee, when you have already set a precedent for 2018 team tryouts, by holding tryout sessions back in the summer of 2017 where there was NO tryout fee? I suggest you reconsider the tryout fees. "
Jeff Dever commented on January 4, 5:10pm
"Tryout fees are to recover the cost of the tryout. For $40 we are providing four 2h sessions - a total of 8 hours of indoor time - per player. That's $5/h and is the lowest we can go and still cover expenses. One benefit of August/September tryouts is that the field costs are so low in comparison we can do that at no cost."
craig stevenson commented on January 5, 7:04am
"My son has a prior engagement on Sunday at the 2006 age space, can he attend the 2005 on Saturday? He is a returning AA athlete from last year. "
Jeff Dever commented on January 5, 3:30pm
"Yes! We are understanding of busy schedules. Just notify the coach and we'll work it out."
Zach bingley commented on February 1, 1:33am
"U15, Jan 27th, will that be rescheduled "
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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