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Updated Tuesday December 18, 2018 by Kanata Baseball Association.

13U Peewee Select Baseball



Welcome to the 2019 Baseball season! Our training programs at the Kanata Cubhouse has been feeding the players love for baseball for this season and with continued growth in player registrations and increased program offerings as an organization we are really excited about the upcoming 2019 season. In partnership with the association I as head coach would like to present a high-level outline of the upcoming season and some coaching philosophies, strategies, and expectations for the 13U Peewee Select Team.


Our goal this year is to create a fun, hardworking learning environment, with high paced practices that focus on a combination of athletic conditioning, intensity, individual skills, and team skills. Above all, our coaching staff will teach the players the values of respect, teamwork and putting team success ahead of personal gain. I want to teach players to focus on what they can control which is their own performance and output. I believe it is okay for players to have the desire to win games because it is competitive baseball, I also believe it is just as important in any loss to be treated as an opportunity for learning. I will ask players after every game “what did they learn?”. Baseball is a game of mistakes (the best MLB hitters get out 7 out of every 10 at bats), mistakes on the playing field are opportunities for learning and will be treated as such.

The league has a published playing time policy for all ages.  Fundamentally this policy ensures that players have equal time on the field for regular season games but during highly competitive situations such as tournaments and playoffs, players may see some unequal playing time.

Joining me for the season will be Assistant Coach Jim Bonner. Jim will be joining me for the 3rd year and will be primarily responsible for the pitchers but will also assist in other areas. Jim has proven to work exceptionally well with the pitchers focusing on proper mechanics, location, velocity, movement, and arm care.


Once again this year, tryouts are in January and there are two session types: conditioning and tryouts.  Conditioning is meant to allow players to learn the tryout drills and to ease back into baseball form. Conditioning will be run by coaches but not evaluated.  Tryouts will occur over the remaining dates posted.  The association will have coaches from different age levels evaluate tryouts so that the process is fair and objective.  While players only need to attend at least one of the tryouts field tryouts & one of the Cubhouse tryouts, they are encouraged to attend as many of the tryouts as possible. What I am looking for from players in tryouts are players who demonstrate baseball knowledge, game awareness, positional awareness, a variety of skills performance (Hitting, Pitching, Catching, etc…), athleticism, effort and positive attitudes.


I am looking to extend offers to approx. 13 Players


Team Training:

Team training will start in mid February and go up until the start of the season in May. By mid March I plan to have two practices per week through to May. In April depending on where I feel we may need some extra focus before the season starts, I could look to add an extra practice or two. I plan to use the Kanata Cubhouse facility weekly to for focus on specific skill development, some core strength training, and some additional gymnasium time will be booked to work on more team focus drills, athleticism, etc…


Regular Season:

  • Games: We will be playing on average 2 games a week from May through early August. Players are expected to be prepared for warm-up 45 minutes before game time. (Meaning on the field and ready for warm-up).  As stated above the league has a fair play policy and I will be following this for all our regular season games.


  • Practices: The team will have 1-3 practices a week.  I plan to utilize both the Cubhouse training facility and on field diamond time. The Cubhouse offers us coaches a chance to work with the players on more of a one on one skill focused basis. Focusing mainly on hitting, pitching, catching. On field practices will be organized by a variety of drills. Often station based to move players around, keep the active, and focus on infielding, outfielding, baserunning, game situations, and strategies. I plan to run team-oriented drills to have players pushing their teammates to drive for more success. In previous seasons I have conducted what I called Brain Sessions to discuss the thinking part of the game which was an offsite practice not on a diamond or in a gym. I do plan to conduct a couple of these type sessionsfor players to understand and discuss the game in a different way. Using visual aids, open dialogue and discussions, activities for learning.


Player Development:

I would encourage all players to attend one of the winter cubhouse training programs that are being offered. I can suggest the program that would best suit the development of your player.

I will be conducting Mid-Season report cards and exit interviews with each player for this season. Myself, the other coaches, and the players should look at this as a chance to review the current performance, accomplishments and also discuss areas to focus on to build on strengths and work on weaknesses.

In addition to our team coaches, I plan to bring in some outside resources to assist further with the development of our players. I believe that it is important to our players to maximize their development by hearing and learning  from other resources who have experience in the game. I would be looking for specific skill based resources that I can bring in to assist the team. Areas will include Catching, Hitting, Fielding, and Strength training.

I do plan to invite Chris Unrat who has assisted in catcher development for my team for the past 2 years. Chris is a former pro baseball player who offers the players pro knowledge of the position. Focuses on footwork, blocking, calling a game, positioning etc…




The final determination of tournament participation will be concluded shortly after the team is formed.  Our preliminary target is {4-6 tournaments} which will be a combination of local and away tournaments throughout the season.  Some of the tournaments under consideration are local to the NCOBA region as well as Toronto and/or Montreal.  Our team may also win a spot in the Provincial Championships which will take place over the Labour Day Weekend and will likely be in Southern Ontario.

Important to Note: I will be making every attempt to attend provincials should the team qualify so I will be looking for early commitment from players.

Cost Expectations:

What parents can expect for fees for the upcoming season are broken down as follows (please note that nothing is finalized this provides a guide only as to what your fees could be):

  • Team Training – Approx $125-$150
  • Kanata Baseball Regular Season Registration - $450-$500
  • Team Fees - we will collect team fees of approximately $250-$350 to cover tournament entry and other team and player development costs. 

Important to Note: Players are also responsible for uniforms. These will be owned by each player. Team management will source independently and communicate all costs and requirements.



Fundraising & sponsorship will be key to offset some of the costs and manage team fees for the competitive season. Final fundraising/sponsorship plans and ideas will be discussed at the parents meeting shortly after the team is formed.

Examples could include raffles, assisting in hosting the Kanata Peewee Tournament. Proceeds from this tournament will go to the team budget, so it is in our best interest to do the best job we can to showcase the quality of programs, facilities and participants we provide. The association will provide support, but the responsibility is ours to make this tournament great.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at russ_mullins@hotmail.com.  Looking forward to a great season in 2019 and hope to see you at tryouts.

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