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Updated Monday December 17, 2018 by Kanata Baseball Association.

10U Mosquito Rep Baseball


Welcome to the 2019 Baseball season! My name is Mark Kapfer and I am extremely excited about the opportunity to coach Kanata Baseball again this year.  In partnership with the association, I would like to present a high-level outline of the upcoming season, some coaching philosophies, strategies, and expectations for the 10U Mosquito Rep Team.

A bit of background on me.  I have played a ton of ball in my lifetime and still do today.  Blessed only with a positive attitude, I am a big believer in fundamentals and I'll do my best to pass that on to your players.  I have coached in Kanata for 5 years.  My son has also played for this amount of time and he absolutely loves baseball.  Who doesn't?  I've coached and/or managed several other sports in the past and I have had positive experiences throughout my volunteering career so with any luck, that trend continues on into this summer. 

For those that do not know me, if you are hoping for a coach that drives home values of winning at all costs, excluding players in order to get the big W or a coach who hates being around kids, I'm sorry to say, but I am not that guy.  While I take the responsibility of coaching each and every one of my players seriously, at this age, I emphasize having fun above and beyond anything.  I believe in every kid being allowed to play in all situations.  I will often say that all players deserve a chance to be the hero and all players deserve a chance to be the goat.  These kids need those experiences to grow.  Your players will be part of a positive environment, learn the game without fear of making a mistake and develop fundamental skills, but at the end of the day, my goal is for your players to feel confident in themselves and to love playing the game.


Tryouts are in January and there are two session types: conditioning and tryouts.  Conditioning is meant to allow players to learn the tryout drills and to ease back into baseball form. Conditioning will be run by coaches (but not evaluated).  Tryouts will occur over the remaining dates posted.  The association will have non-parents evaluate tryouts so that the process is fair and objective.  Players are required to attend at least one of the field tryouts & one of the Cubhouse tryouts, and are encouraged to attend as many of the tryouts as possible.

My expectations for this process is that players will show up early and demonstrate hustle, understanding of the game and how it should be played, great attitudes, and baseball skill.  Hard work, good and respectful attitudes, and being a supportive teammate are of more importance to me than natural ability.  Note that I will be evaluating your player the moment that they enter the facility. 

I am looking to extend offers to twelve or thirteen players with some possible affiliate opportunities.  I will be extending offers player to player as they make the team so there will not be a mass email with all names on one given day.  This is important to note so if your player is at school and a friend has been given an offer, it doesn’t mean that your player will not be given an offer as well.  This has been an issue in the past so understand that it is a process.   

Indoor Training/Practices:

Indoor training will start in mid February and go up until the start of the season in May. February/March will be relatively light with most likely one baseball activity a week, possibly two on occasion. In April we will increase that to most likely twice a week and this year we may also look at doing some conditioning on top of the baseball skills but that will be determined at our parent meeting which will be held shortly after the team is formed.

Regular Season:

This is an intensive program that requires high attendance and can be fairly demanding for the players and families. Having said that we realize it is important to be able to get some time away and have a break.  The first week of July will be free of all baseball activities from June 28th until July 7th.  This hopefully gives families a chance to start off the summer with a break from ball. 

  • Games: We will be playing on average 2 games a week from May until August. Players are expected to be prepared for warm-up 45 minutes before game time. (Meaning on the field and ready for warm-up). As the season goes on and we get in a routine this will be reduced to 30 minutes.
  • Practices: The team will have 1-3 practices a week.  On field practices will be organized by a variety of drills which will start out station based to focus on fundamental baseball skills, move players around, keep them active and maximize repetitions and then move in to simulations to focus on team strategies and concepts. I understand that baseball occurs during the summer but I do expect an 85% attendance rate for the season. 


It is my expectation that we will participate in 5 tournaments, 3 of which will be on the road.  The end goal of the season is to make provincials, which take place during the long weekend in September.  I understand the challenge of fielding a team at a time when tryouts for rep hockey teams are underway.  I have thought about this a lot and I believe it is important to confirm that I cannot and will not pressure parents to make mandatory commitments to provincials if we make it at the risk of missing tryouts for hockey.  If provincials becomes an option, we will discuss as a team at that time and go from there.    

Cost Expectations:

With all competitive sports, there is a significant financial commitment expected.  While this is simply a guideline, families should expect the following:

  • Team Training – Approx $125-$150
  • Kanata Baseball Regular Season Registration - $450-$500
  • Team Fees - we will collect team fees of approximately $400 to cover tournament entry and other team and player development costs. 

 Important to Note: Players are also responsible for the cost of uniforms and we will need new uniforms this year. These will be owned by each player. Team management will source independently and communicate all costs and requirements.


Fundraising & sponsorship will be key to offset some of the costs and manage team fees for the competitive season. Final fundraising/sponsorship plans and ideas will be discussed at the parents meeting shortly after the team is formed but I can confirm that it is my intention to do so.

Examples could include raffles, assisting in hosting a Kanata Tournament, etc. 

Parent roles:

I will be looking to add parent volunteers for the following positions to help with some team responsibilities, including a team manager, treasurer and fund raising. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at Lohaus7@yahoo.ca.  Looking forward to a great season in 2019 and hope to see you at tryouts!

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