Parent Code of Conduct

Updated Tuesday March 7, 2017 by Kanata Baseball Association.

Kids Play
I understand that failure to comply with the Kanata Baseball Association Code of Conduct and Fair Play Codes could result in a suspension or expulsion from the KBA; Profanity, objectionable conduct, and cheers or gestures that are offensive will not be tolerated.

 Kids Play

  • I will be supportive  to my child
  • I know that players play for their enjoyment not mine
  • I will cheer good plays of all participants, and avoid booing


Coaches Coach

  • I will let the coaches coach my child
  • I will observe the 24 hour rule when dealing with my child’s coaching staff when problems arise
  • I will Help to provide a safe and fun environment.


Umpires Make the Calls

  • I will support the umpires and coaches by trusting their judgment and integrity.


Spectators Cheer

  •  I will cheer in a positive manner and encourage fair play. I will display good sportsmanship, always respecting players, coaches and umpires
  • I will act appropriately, I will not taunt or disturb other spectators, players, coaches or umpires. We will enjoy the game together.
  • I will remember we are our child’s role model


Parent Code Of Conduct